Design and Logistics

This Checklist helps implementers work through aspects of design that address the people and things that are needed to make an ALURE work. These include the research question, the structure of the activity, the resources available, and the people and items involved. This guide works as part of the whole package of four guides, however it can also be used as a stand-alone activity for implementers who are interested in scoping the feasibility of their ALURE idea. This Checklist helps the implementer address four questions:

  • What research question will my students investigate
  • What makes this ALURE authentic
  • What do I want students to learn? How will I assess them?
  • What equipment, training, and resources might I need?

Please use this reference for the checklist: Myatt, P., Worthy, P., Green, M., Lawrie, G, Pedwell, R., Wang, J., Zimbardi, K., Rowland, S. (2015) ALURE Implementer’s Checklist: Design and Logistics. Sydney: Office for Learning and Teaching.