The Evaluation Checklist can be used by implementers to examine how and why they might evaluate the impact of their ALURE. The Checklist addresses the identity of potentially-interested stakeholders, the types of data that can be collected, and the uses of those data for evidencing the quality and reach of an ALURE. It also contains a small reference list of well-regarded publications that address qualitative research methodologies. This Checklist helps the implementer address four questions:

  • Who are the stakeholders who will want to know about this ALURE?
  • For what purpose will they use the data?
  •  What data will they need?
  • How will I collect and analyse it?
Please use this reference for the Checklist:  Myatt, P., Worthy, P., Green, M., Lawrie, G, Pedwell, R., Wang, J., Zimbardi, K., Rowland, S. (2015) ALURE Implementer’s Checklist: Evaluation. Sydney: Office for Learning and Teaching.