Support for students

This Checklist guides implementers to examine their learning context, the needs of their students, and the logistics of supporting students as they work on their research project. Implementers can also use the checklist to think through the assessment activities they will use to evaluate the students’ work. This Checklist helps the implementer address four complex questions:

  • How will I recruit students to ALURE and who do I want to recruit?
  • What are the learning objectives for these students? Is the ALURE activity appropriate?
  • What support is needed for students as they experience additional cognitive load and responsibility during the ALURE?
  • How will I source, train, and support appropriate teaching assistants for the ALURE?
Please use this reference for the Checklist:  Myatt, P., Worthy, P., Green, M., Lawrie, G, Pedwell, R., Wang, J., Zimbardi, K., Rowland, S. (2015) ALURE Implementer’s Checklist: Support for Students. Sydney: Office for Learning and Teaching.