Motivation and Value

This Checklist helps implementers examine how they can create value from their ALURE beyond the classroom. The guide helps implementers develop arguments that they can use to gain resources from their university, engage their colleagues, and apply for formal recognition and reward for themselves and their collaborators (e.g., teaching awards, tenure, and promotion). Essentially, this guide helps implementers establish how they will develop leadership capacity by evidencing the value of their work and engaging additional stakeholders with the ALURE process. This Checklist helps implementers address four questions:

  •  Why am I implementing this ALURE?
  • What outcomes will I get and what challenges will I face?
  • Why would my colleagues be interested in this ALURE?
  • What challenges might my colleagues encounter?
Please use this reference for the Checklist:  Myatt, P., Worthy, P., Green, M., Lawrie, G, Pedwell, R., Wang, J., Zimbardi, K., Rowland, S. (2015) ALURE Implementer’s Checklist: Motivation and Value. Sydney: Office for Learning and Teaching.