This page contains the Implementer's Checklists, which you can use to plan and design your ALURE. Each checklist has a different use. You can complete the checklists in any order, but we recommend you start with the Design and Logistics Checklist. 

These four checklists have been developed based on conversations with people who have implemented an ALURE, were in the process of implementing an ALURE, were designing an ALURE, or were simply investigating whether an ALURE would be appropriate to their circumstances.  They are built to be useful to people at different stages (investigating, designing and planning, and implementing ALUREs) by guiding thinking across multiple dimensions of ALURE implementation. 

If you are a new ALURE implementer the checklists help you "chunk" your work on different aspects of the ALURE design and delivery process.

Members of the ALURE team are available for on-site workshops to help you work through your ALURE design and delivery process.